We’re your students’ union at Exeter

We exist to make your university experience as amazing as possible! We are led by you and all other Exeter students, with your five elected Full-Time Officers representing your interests at the heart of our work. You are the Students’ Guild, so everything we do is for and with you.  

We exist to give you the best experience and opportunities possible and to help you to belong here. Whether you’re on Streatham or St. Luke’s campus, you can join societies, vote in elections, have your say on your experience, get food and drink at our outlets, access our support services and much more.

Key dates this summer

We want you to get off to the best start possible, so make sure you keep an eye out for these key dates as we build up towards the start of the year!

Full Freshers’ Hub and events released

13 Aug 2020

We’ve still got so much more to announce, and we’ll be doing that on 13 August! Stay tuned for our exciting events schedule

Arrivals Week

10-20 Sept 2020

We can’t wait to welcome you to Exeter – even if you’re starting later and joining us after these dates, we’ll still be ready to give you a warm welcome!

Postgraduate Taught Start Date

12 Oct 2020

Many postgraduate taught courses are starting on 12 October, or even later than that. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you don’t miss out, as we’ll be holding plenty of events to give you the best welcome possible!

Welcome to your new community

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